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Distinguished and Famous people from Hervey Fraser

Distinguished and Famous People from the Region of Hervey Fraser in Queensland, Australia

1. P.L. Travers
Pamela Lyndon Travers was born in Maryborough, a city in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland in Australia. She is most famous for her book series, Mary Poppins, which was based on her experience working as a nanny. The book series has been adapted into a movie musical and is considered a classic of children’s literature.

2. Edward Corbould
Edward Francis Corbould was born in the town of Hervey Bay, which is named after him and the former Herberton shire chairman, Captain Henry Stuart Russell Hervey. Corbould was an artist and an illustrator who was well known for his work in children’s books, including the illustration of Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies.

3. Ulrike Klein
Ulrike Klein is a renowned artist and entrepreneur who was born in Hervey Bay. She is known for her work in creating natural cosmetics and scents as well as her contemporary art pieces. Klein has also been involved in humanitarian work, with a focus on aiding people affected by natural disasters.

4. Glynn Nicholas
Glynn Nicholas is a multi-talented artist who was born in Hervey Bay. He is best known for his work in comedy, theatre, and television. Nicholas has also worked as a writer, director, and producer for many projects. Additionally, he has been involved in several social and environmental causes.

5. Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan is an Australian politician who represents the federal electoral division of Page. He was born in Maryborough and grew up in the region of Hervey Fraser. Before he embarked on a political career, Hogan worked as a teacher, television presenter, and project manager.

6. Brendan Hansen
Brendan Joseph Hansen is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer who was born in Hervey Bay. He has won medals at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympics. Hansen was also inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2016.

7. Roy Amor
Roy Amor was a lawyer and politician who was born in Maryborough. He served as the mayor of Maryborough and was also elected to the Queensland Legislative Assembly. Amor was known for his work in promoting the development of the region and for his contributions to the legal profession.

8. Beth Mooney
Beth Mooney is an Australian cricketer who was born and raised in the region of Hervey Fraser. She is the current captain of the Brisbane Heat in the Women’s Big Bash League. Mooney has also played for the Australian national team and has won several individual accolades for her performances.

9. James Nash
James Nash was a gold prospector who was born in Ireland but moved to the region of Hervey Fraser in the 1860s. He is credited with discovering the Gympie goldfield, which led to a significant gold rush in the region. Nash went on to become a public servant and was later appointed as the warden of the goldfield he discovered.

10. Geoff Raby
Geoff Raby is an Australian diplomat and economist who was born in Maryborough. He served as Australia’s ambassador to China from 2007 to 2011. Raby has also worked in academia, investment banking, and international organizations. He is considered one of Australia’s foremost experts on China.

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